My Story

This gallery has been a dream of mine for quite some time.

I have always loved art. Whether I am looking at it, or trying to create some myself, I find it a welcome escape and highly therapeutic.

What makes unique?

A very simple concept! Instead of focusing on the art galleries brand, I want to shift the focus to the Artist. To achieve this, I named the website after a common phrase in the art industry, "Art Gallery" and as an end result came up with My intention is that this will provide an elevated focus on the Artist and the Artist's brand.


Branding for Artists

Kahnweiler knew that people don’t buy “art” at all. They buy a story and a brand; and maybe most importantly, people buy art as a status symbol.

As an artist, what does this mean for you?

Pablo Picasso 1962 Argentina
  1. Focus on Yourself
    We have no intention of stealing your thunder. In fact, our website's name was specifically chosen to compliment and help enchance your own Brand.
  2. Build Your Brand
    Every good brand has a story. To push yours further we encourage you to add your website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. Buyers and collectors want to know your story!
  3. Fake It ‘Til You Make It
    Your gonna need to find a way to make people believe you are already a big deal, even when you’re just starting out. There are many ways of doing this. Consider using business cards with to add some brand allure.
  4. Be Expensive
    In branding, we talk about price positioning a lot. Is your brand the cheap generic, or the expensive premium version. In art, you ALWAYS want to be positioned as an expensive product. Just by insisting on a high price, people will appreciate your art more and will pay a lot more for it. is my passion project and completely free!