Is really free? is a young site, with a big vision to help everyone discover today's artists. We believe every artist should have access to what we're building and that it should be free. That means no cost to join or to add artwork, and no commission.

Over time our site will evolve, but we're committed to keeping the core service free for artists forever. Here are a few points on how we think about it:

What can I do with my profile?

You can add an unlimited number of artwork and as much information as you'd like. You will also have pages for your artist statement, bio, CV, upcoming events and contact information (including a link back to your website).

It takes about 15 minutes to get your initial profile live and you can make edits anytime. We take care of all the details - from tracking visits to your page to resizing images.

Visitors to your profile can save their favorite pieces to remember your work, inquire about purchasing, or send you a message. All messages are delivered straight to your inbox.

How does this all work?

You can think of a lot like a search engine just for discovering artists. Each profile is an independent site, but we connect them together into a network of communities based on your location, residencies attended, open studios, and much more.

That means each visitor has many paths to discover your work. In fact, visitors browsing explore numerous artist profiles on each visit!

As an artist member, you will also gain access to our growing artist community where you can share ideas, techniques, upcoming shows, and more.

How can you help?

If you can do me a favor I would greatly appreciate a link to on your website or social media account. In order for us to evolve and grow we need your help, this is something that is impossilbe to achieve alone.

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